AUTOSAR for dummies — #4 AUTOSAR Methodology

  1. A reference to Top-Level composition.Top-level consists of a hierarchical description of all components that should be present in the system (composition is a collection of Atomic SW-Cs and Toplevel composition is the collection of all SW-Cs/compositions)
  2. A reference to the Topology of the System, Topology refers to the ECUs which are present in the system and their inter-connection. Topology has reference to the ECU resource description( resources of the ECUs )
  3. The system input can also contain ‘system constraints’ which forbid the mapping of certain SW-Cs to certain ECUs
  • Diesel Engine- Required SW-Cs: AccPed_input,EngineSpd_input,Fuel_pmpCtrl,Injector_Ctrl
  • ABS and Rollover stability- Required SW-Cs:VehicleSpd_input,lateralAcc_input,WheelSpeeds
  • Automatic transmission- Required SW-Cs:Spd_input, GearswtCtrl
  • Adaptive cruise control- Required SW-Cs:Spd_input, ObjectDetection, CruiseSpdCtrl,StartStop
  • defining of micro-controller port, pin assignment, Clock config, communication channel config like CAN, SPI, UART, I2C, and all HW configurations
  • Defining Scheduling concept and configuring the scheduler/os
  • configuring the other Basic SW, RTE

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Sankara Cinthamani Radhakrishnan

Sankara Cinthamani Radhakrishnan

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