AUTOSAR for dummies — #3.3.2 — ECU Mode Manager

  • EcuM is initialised by EcuM_Init().​
  • RUN state can be requested or released by an User(SWC) using EcuM_RunRequest() and EcuM_ReleaseRun respectively by passing it‘s Identifier(SHORT NAME) as a passing parameter.​
  • A shutdownTarget (Reset /OFF /Sleep modes) can be selected by EcuM_SelectShutdownTarget()​ and the selected target can be read using EcuM_GetShutdownTarget().
  • Drivers and Handlers shall use EcuM_SetWakeupEvent with the wakeup Event Id to indicate that an wakeup event has occured. The Occured Wakeup Event and their list can be obtained using the API‘s​ EcuM_GetPendingEvent, EcuM_GetValidatedEvent, EcuM_GetExpiredEvent and EcuM_GetStatusOfWakeupSources.​
  • Communication Manager : ComM will request for the RUN state from EcuM if any of it‘s known user request him for the Full-Communication.​
  • WatchDogManager : Wdg Manager is initialised by EcuM. Also EcuM switches Watchdog Manager modes when it changes its states​
  • MCAL — Driver with Wakeup capability :Driver has to call EcuM on Wakeup Event.EcuM stores this Event and Validation is done using the Driver API’s.
  • RTE — Rte is initialized by EcuM. EcuM state change are indicated to Rte using the interfaces provided to EcuM

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